Attic Breeze AB-254A-TCT

Designed for roofs with good sun exposure throughout the day, the CMA series by Attic Breeze® features a unit mounted solar panel and offers a curb-mount flashing base for installation with high-profile tile, or metal roof applications where a roof curb may be required for installation.  Equipped with a powerful monocrystalline solar panel and engineered with Attic Breeze UltraFlō® technology, the AB-254A offers both high performance and an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Breeze Mate solar ventilation system controller for Attic Breeze solar attic fans 
The Breeze Mate® solar ventilation system puts ventilation control in your hands, allowing full control over fan operation, temperature and humidity set points, as well as many other safety and performance related features. Breeze Mate® is both easy to install and operate, using plug-n-play wireless network technology to control the operation of your solar fan. Click above to learn more about this amazing new control system from Attic Breeze®!
The AB-254A-TCT Features:
Attic Breeze AB-254A solar attic fan in terra cotta powder coated finish
Attic Breeze website link for solar attic fan sizing calculatorAttic Breeze® offers a variety of features and options designed to meet the needs of virtually any ventilation application.  Rated for up to 1550 CFM of airflow in full sun exposure and featuring an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY, this powerful solar attic fan provides coverage for up to 2500 sqft of attic space based on roof pitch and architecture.  Best of all, Attic Breeze® solar fans qualify for both Federal and State solar tax credits, making energy savings more affordable than ever!  See manufacturer's website for additional information regarding proper sizing and installation for your ventilation application.
 Attic Breeze solar attic fans 
Attic Breeze® is the preferred brand of solar attic fans for contractors across America for thier consistent high quality manufacturing standards, excellent customer support, and lifetime product warranty.  Attic Breeze® products feature:
  • Zincalume alloy construction with heavy-duty powder coated finish 
  • Manufactured using 100% solar power in Gatesville, Texas USA
  • Dynamically balanced 14" aluminum fan blade for whisper quiet operation 
  • Impact resistant, high performance monocrystalline solar panels
  • Available with Breeze Mate® control system
  • Florida & Texas windstorm certified for hurricane force winds
  • Thermal switch included at no additional cost
  • Industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY 

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Price: $664.99
Solar Fan Control:
no fan control required
thermal switch control
Breeze Mate® Control System: $149.99
Breeze Mate® Additional Fan Controller: $99.99
Solar Panel Mount:
unit-mounted (fixed position)
unit-mounted (adjustable): $34.99
remote-mounted (fixed position): $14.99
remote-mounted (adjustable): $49.99
Roof Curb Installation Kit:
ship without roof curb installation kit
AB-004 roof curb installation kit: $189.99

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