Solar Fan Control

no fan control required

Choose this option to allow your solar fan to operate any time sufficient sunlight is available, regardless of outside ambient temperature or humidity.  This option is most appropriate for applications where ventilation is needed year around and where there is no need to shut down the operation of the fan.


no additional charge
thermal switch control

Choose this option to operate your solar fan based on thermal switch control.  This preset, non-adjustable thermal switch activates at temperatures above 75°F +/- 5°F.  This option is most appropriate for attic ventilation applications, where shut down of the solar fan may be desired when the attic temperature is cooler than 75°F and additionally attic ventilation is no longer needed.


no additional charge
Breeze MateĀ® Control System

The Breeze Mate® Control System offers full operational control of your Attic Breeze® solar fan.  This is the most advanced solar ventilation controller available, offering fully adjustable temperature and humidity control set points, attic depressurization testing, and an integrated fusible link fire safety switch.  The Breeze Mate® system operates on a wireless network for easy installation and allows for either automatic or manual control of your Attic Breeze® solar ventilation products.  This option is appropriate for both attic ventilation and workshop/warehouse ventilation applications where full fan control and ventilation performance monitoring is desired.  (complete control system)


Breeze MateĀ® Additional Fan Controller

The Breeze Mate® Control System may be easily expanded, allowing for up to 10 independent solar fans by adding additional fan controllers.  This option is appropriate for customers that have ordered an Attic Breeze® solar fan with a Breeze Mate® control system, and wish to operate additional solar fans on the Breeze Mate® wireless network.  (fan controller only)